Brawley Chapel United Methodist Church, Clendenin, West Virginia, “KOWEXPO” organ (1993)
The name “Kowexpo” stands for “Kanawha Organ works EXperimental Pipe Organ”. There wasn’t anything particularly experimental about it; it was simply a trial run for building electropneumatic chests in our shop. This organ was originally intended to be available for rental. When the time came to move it, however, it became sadly obvious that this wasn’t going to be an easily portable organ. True, it is built on casters, and it does fit underneath an 8’ ceiling. It just weighs too much to lug around all the time. Despite this, the organ served for over a year at St. Mark’s in St. Albans while the main organ was under construction. From there, it was moved briefly to First Presbyterian in St. Albans, and it was finally purchased by Brawley Chapel and installed permanently there. There are but two ranks of pipes, a principal and a flute, but the organ’s vigorous and clear tone have led congregations for ten years. Brawley Chapel is very small, seating about 60 people, but even they can have a pipe organ suitable to their particular room. Having the Nazard available as a half stop means that a melody can be played in the treble, with accompaniment in the bass. The organ is electropneumatic. Update: this organ was relocated to the rear balcony at St. Mark's UMC in Charleston in 2014. Brawley Chapel was ruined beyond repair in the flooding of June, 2016.

8’ Principal
8’ Gedeckt
4’ Octave
4’ Flute
2 2/3’ Nazard (from middle C)
2’ Super Octave

Permanently coupled

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